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Garage Door Spring Conversion: What You Need to Know

torsion-springThere is a misconception that garage door spring replacement includes only the removal of broken springs and the installation of the new ones. Although this is often the case, it’s not the only reason for replacing springs. Many people need to convert garage door springs for all sorts of reasons. Conversions might include switching from one spring system to another or from one brand to another. It might also involve adding a second torsion spring to a single torsion spring garage door system.

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The Best Garage Door Styles to Get You Inspired

wood-carriage-garage-doorsGarage door style is defined by panel construction and design. Choose wooden garage doors in their natural tone and you bring traditionalism to your home’s exterior. Opt for glass doors and you bring a contemporary sleek style to your front yard. But the panel design is not the same either. You might see a white overhead garage door from afar but when you come closer, you are able to notice the distinctive character of the panel.

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How to Keep Garage Doors from Slamming

slamming garage doorsGarage doors do not slam down without a good reason. But as much as the reasons vary, the repercussions are the same and all dreadful. The property gets damaged and along will the overhead door too. Most importantly, someone will get seriously hurt if standing under the door. For these reasons, what you need to do is prevent such problems rather than deal with them. The point is to avoid accidents but also property damage that might put you out of budget. Continue reading