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Our Testimonials

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    “Professionalism” doesn’t give them enough credit

    They are the best professionals ever! The technicians from Homeland Garage Doors don’t only know how to take care of customers but they do care about them. I have felt it tens of times since I have needed their assistance in multiple occasions. They are great to say the least. On time, equipped, smiling and ready to work! Garage door repair is awesome! They never leave before they ensure my safety and this is only a fraction of what they offer to the customer.

    John Smith, Toronto View on
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    They advised me properly

    The assistance of Homeland Garage Doors was fantastic. I wanted information about garage door materials, openers and accessories. I had to make some significant changes in the garage and didn’t want to make mistakes. The help of the staff was immediate and I truly liked that they all concentrated on my own personal needs and tried to see what system will be more suitable. I finally got the best glass doors and the best garage door opener.

    Debbi Krieg, Markham View on
  • testimonals-img3

    They always come with a smile

    Isn’t significant for you to see happy faces entering your house? It is to me and that’s one of the things I like about the teams of Homeland Garage Doors. Don’t get me wrong! They surely provide great garage door repair services and are extremely accurate and meticulous. Though, having smiling people working in the garage is always preferable. What can I say! They make my day nicer!

    Shanna Rish, North York View on
  • testimonals-img2

    They are here to answer all questions

    After years of trusting Homeland Garage Doors I can honestly say that there are tens of different things that impress me about this garage door company. For starters, I do appreciate the devotion of the technical teams and the excellent garage door repairs. Undoubtedly, this is the first and most important thing! Though, I also appreciate that they are available to answer our questions. We always have questions about our garage door or whether the opener is okay and stuff like that and they are always here for us.

    Michael Robinson, Newmarket View on
  • testimonals-img1

    They DO solve problems

    Homeland Garage Doors does not only provide services but certainty. When you have the Homeland technicians around, you can be sure that your garage door problems will be solved and your family will be safe. The most important thing for me is that I can count on them for about anything and that I can find them 24/7. Such details make an enormous difference and that’s why I think Homeland is the top garage door contractor!

    Richard Williams, Vaughan View on